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About Us

      Honey Soul Food brings quality fresh Soul Food to your fingertips! From the moment you walk in the door, you get a southern-inspired layout, smooth Jazz R&B music, and cajun-infused recipes.

      Honey Soul Food brings you on a tasty journey inspired by Southern flavours. From our, Jack'd Up Chicken Sandwich, Mac and Cheese and Signature Combos. Paired with Honey’s Famous Cornbread our house staple of buttery goodness, you get "A Taste Of Honey In Every Bite". Honey Soul Food will be sure to please your tastebuds, and leave you wanting more.



Get to Know the owner!

Click the link below to send Chanée a message. Responses time - 48 Hours.

When you look at her face, do you see the new norm of what a person of power looks like?

When you hear her name, do you hear the future of empowered Black Entrepreneurs breaking chains?

My name is Chanée D, I vow to provide POC with opportunities and wisdom so that we can mitigate generational poverty. That all begins with this little restaurant...


Honey Soul Food - "A Dream That Creates A Dream".

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