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About Us

Experience the best of Southern home-cooking at Honey Soul Food. Indulge in our menu filled with classic comfort dishes made from the freshest ingredients and infused with modern twists. Our mission is to share the warmth of Southern hospitality and encourage togetherness through the joy of delicious food.


We firmly believe that dining is meant to be enjoyed with loved ones, which is why we take pride in providing an inviting atmosphere for all. Whether you’re seeking a casual meal with friends or a hearty dinner with family, Honey Soul Food has a delectable option to satisfy every palate.


Discover "A Taste Of Honey In Every Bite" and let us create an unforgettable dining experience for you.


Get to Know the owner!

Click the link below to send Chanée a message. Responses time - 48 Hours.

When you look at her face, do you see the new norm of what a person of power looks like?

When you hear her name, do you hear the future of empowered Black Entrepreneurs breaking chains?

My name is Chanée D, I vow to provide POC with opportunities and wisdom so that we can mitigate generational poverty. That all begins with this little restaurant...


Honey Soul Food - "A Dream That Creates A Dream".

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